MAS Consulting

We are a Corporate Communications and Public Affairs consultancy firm, specialized in building and protecting companies, institutions and leaders’ reputation, with more than 15 years experience. All along our career we have worked with clients in the corporate, institutional and political area in Spain, as well as in Europe, the United States and Latin America.

PR SCOPE 2019/20

The PR SCOPE 2019 study, that every two years analyzes the national communication trends, has stressed that MAS Consulting is the upward trending consultancy in Spain according to the consultancies’ clients interviewed.

Besides, the report results, in which more than 500 executives of the main companies, sector professionals and journalists have taken part, MAS Consulting it the firm with the highest number of recognitions according to the consultancies’ clients themselves, leading up to 16 categories such as:

No. 1 rising consultancy firm in Spain.

No. 1 helping its clients to protect their reputation.

No. 1 solving corporate communications needs.

No. 1 in helping clients engage with their stakeholders.

No. 1 solving Public Affairs needs.

And we are also No. 1 in the following categories:

No. 1 adding value to its customers business.

No. 1 making the investment of the customers profitable.

No. 1 having good quality service.

No. 1 by its managers’ involvement with the clients.

No. 1 having a good team.

No. 1 offering a good work methodology.

No. 1 being effective in troubleshooting.

No. 1 knowing the market and the consumer.

No. 1 having a good relationship with the media.

In addition, our work has been recognized with several of the most prestigious awards across the world in communication and public affairs.

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